Thursday, April 2, 2009

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i began reading Susan Holbrook's misled last week (oh my, is it next week already?), but had to interrupt my reading to start Lyn Hejinian's My Life which needs to be read for my class tomorrow. These two texts play off of each other in interesting ways -- on a surface level, i have noticed both books have are "thirsty". As in, the word "thirsty" seems to arise many times. More fruitful analysis will follow, perhaps this weekend.

i had heard about misled in a lecture by Margaret Christakos, and read more about it in Nicole Markotic's article "To All the (Cow) Girls I've Loved, Before" in Open Letter. Knowing about a text before reading it is often unfair to the text because it creates expectations. From what i had heard about misled i was expecting a text about lesbianism, a non-linear text, a text difficult to enter. Well it is about lesbianism, it is non-linear, but it is also incredibly warm, open, even blunt. And sexy. This is a book of poetry that can make a reader feel all hot and bothered. Not was i was expecting, but better. This is why i often wish that i can come to each book of poetry blank -- no knowledge of author or content or style before i enter the pages. So impressions can be formed freely, without presumptions colouring my perception. Unfortunately, that's just not going to happen. At least not often. And having a bit of info about a book means i'm far more likely to pick it up to read for fun. Random selection from a shelf tends to yeild random results. Which i just don't have time for these days. Back to the books.

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