Tuesday, June 2, 2009

tip of the day

Head over to Lemon Hound for a poem by Margaret Christakos about birds, wanking, and a Woody Allen film.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Oxford Poetry Kerfuffle

Well it's more than a kerfuffle. There's much maligning going on, and this is the most media attention i've seen for poetry in a good long while. Nothing like a scandal for publicity; but the public already has an image of poets as pretentious, self-absorbed elitists, and this isn't helping any.

But i came across this article about an anonymous poem called "Smear" about Ruth Padel and her campaign against Derek Walcott, which is worth reading, if only for the comments. My favourite is from poster DomC, who writes:
Poets, smears
Such a fuss
Shove them all
Under a bus.
i'm not entirely sure what to think about this whole debacle. If Ruth Padel had brought the complaints about sexual harrassment up without sneaking them to the media, there probably wouldn't be a problem now. But would a man have lost the position for such a political manoeuvre? Hard to say.