Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Every time i move a McNally closes.

Two McNally Robinsons are closing. The Canadian bookseller only has two locations left--one in Winnipeg, one is Saskatoon, and its website will continue to operate. The McNally closing in Don Mills, Toronto, was around the corner from my old place; it opened right after I left. That means it's been open less than a year. The first time I visited Calgary was when I heard about McNally; the Calgary location had just closed. I actually visited a McNally when I was in Winnipeg, and I was impressed by the selection of Canadian writers--they had a Canadian section, and then a more specific Prairie writers section. It was wonderful--the Chapters/Indigo conglomerate doesn't always bother to mark Canadian authors, and often doesn't contain local writers in their selection (in Coles, particularly, I've noticed this problem). Maybe it's time to browse their website, and see if I can support the remaining pieces of the closest thing to competition Chapters has got in Canada.

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