Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

i hope the drinks are flowing, the food is piled high, and everyone is cozy and warm.

My partner was kind enough to get me presents from Anansi Press (they came wrapped! i wasn't expecting to get to unwrap anything this year! Anansi has won my heart forever).

The loot:

Pasha Malla's The Withdrawal Method
Daphne Marlatt's Taken
Gil Adamson's Help Me, Jacques Cousteau

I also got a big package from Amazon yesterday with a bunch of school books. While I'd rather support local booksellers, as a poor student I can't help but go with amazon's prices for big purchases like this. i'm excited about one anthology in particular: Prismatic Publics. It's an anthology of experimental Canadian women writers. i might review it, once i've had a chance to peruse a bit further. The exclusion i am most surprised at is Dionne Brand, perhaps because I had No Language is Neutral next to me while checking out Prismatic Publics. But it is great to see two of my favourite poets--Margaret Christakos and M. NourbeSe Philip--included in the collection.

Happy Holidays, everyone. i hope your bookshelf grew three sizes this year.

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