Sunday, January 10, 2010

more fangirling over Tamora Pierce

i feel like i'm just starting to relax, and it's time for school to start up again. i've been reading a lot of Tamora Pierce lately (as i've been writing about on the 95 books blog). Sure, young adult novels don't exactly challenge the intellect, but they're damn fun reading. I'm impressed that in Protector of the Small (book 1 or 2, I can't remember) Pierce slipped in a brief gay acceptance message, without making a big deal of it. None of the main characters is gay, but it's nice to see an author acknowledge LGBTQ characters. Pierce is also one of the most female-friendly YA authors i've read (although i'm not very current in YA literature, so there may be many other female-positive books out there that i'm not aware of). It's refreshing to have my liberal values reflected in literature, when i'm noticing more and more misogyny and homophobia on tv and in movies (this has more to do with my increasing awareness, not necessarily any increase in misogyny).

Which reminds me...have i posted this link yet? Writing Gay Characters.

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