Saturday, February 20, 2010

In(ter)ventions Day 3 part 2

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Panel 2 - New Form(alities)
-Moderator Lance Olsen, panelists Steve Tomasula, Charles Bernstein, and Erin Mouré
--Olsen opened asking everyone to think about 1. narrative and 2. the politics of structure
--Erin Mouré changed the panel title to "Huh? Modalities," saying that forms imply an end rather than a production. She discussed collaboration, appropriation (involuntary collaboration), and translation, noting that her practices of translation cannot be categorized into "professional" "hobby" "trans(e)lation," because they are all the same practice.
--Steve Tomasula appeared to have a picture of Nausicaa as his desktop background. He discussed his project TOC which is described as "an evocative fairy tale with a steampunk heart" on the cover. i was impressed at the slick aesthetic of the novel, and by his discussion of the collaboration process.
--Charles Bernstein, who sat near the back of the audience and presented from there, discussed his collaborations with Susan Bee and Richard Tuttle. My favourite lines "battle of the dinosaur technologies--painting & poetry" "think digitally, act analogically" and "BE QUIET DUMMYHEAD."
--The Q & A session was great. Erin Mouré said "Once I knew my work was difficult, I could write in other languages." And both Erin and Steve responded to a question i asked about how technology impacts collaboration by giving examples of how tech enables cross-generational and cross-cultural communication, meaning writers have more access to other writers and artists they might not otherwise get to connect with.

The two panels this morning were definitely the best so far. They begin to explore issues of race, class, gender, language, community, and interaction that panels on previous days tended to avoid.

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