Friday, February 19, 2010

In(ter)ventions part III

Literary Film & Video

Presented by Ram Devineni, this presentation showcased collaborations of short film & poetry featured in the Rattapalax DVD magazine. i can't find my favourite video, 49?, which featured a Native American poet asking people on the streets of Seattle what an Indian 49 is. The video had a great streak of humour.

Also shown was a short based on Blake:

After that there were two simultaneous open paper sessions. The one I chose to sit in on began with Gary Barwin and Gregory Betts performing The Obvious Flap, a really cool sound poetry/electronic performance. It was playful, it had props, it had a great deal of punning, and it had semantic noise. What more could anyone ask for? At times, i was reminded of Ionesco's Rhinocéros (mostly because there was a dog).

Following that, Marie Smart presented a paper on cryptography and Duchamp. It was pretty neat, but i can't decipher my notes. Sorry.

Last was John Cayley and a paper called Writing Breaking Media. i think i missed what he was trying to say, perhaps because i grew up with the internet. He was "trying to demonstrate...the odd relationship between writing & its medium" by showing text rotating beneath a 3d pipe in a virtual space. The text disappears at 90 degrees, the pipe doesn't. After this revelation, there was a brief awkward Q & A, where nothing was really answered. So it goes.

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