Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's been a while

since i plugged the 95 books blog. i'm beginning to fall behind in the race to read 95 books this year. okay, it's not a race. But i'm going to win (not really)!

Poking around, i found the Writers in Electronic Residence (WIER) podcast. Here's a cool reading by Margaret Christakos. WIER connects students in elementary and high schools with writers, fostering connections between Canadian writers and young people. This gives a face to literature, an immediacy, that encourages students to participate in both reading and writing cultures. i think it's a great idea, de-mystifying the author and building entryways. It can be hard for youth to enjoy literature if they have teachers who aren't particularly interested in English (since teachers often have to teach an array of subjects, not everyone is lucky enough to have enthusiastic lit teachers). It also moves outside the canon, which can intimidate both potential readers and potential writers--it seems distant and unachievable. Poetry in particular gets a reputation as boring or outdated. What better way to combat that reputation than to get the living, breathing poets of today into classrooms? WIER can be found at

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