Monday, February 8, 2010

Marlatt on Women Writers

"if we are women poets, writers, speakers, we also take issue with the given, hearing the
discrepancy between what our patriarchally-loaded language bears (can bear) of our
experience and the difference from it our experience bears out - how it misrepresents,
even miscarries, and so leaves unsaid what we actually experience. can a pregnant
woman be said to be "master" of the gestation process she finds herself within - is that
her relationship to it? (see Julia Kristeva, Desire in Language, p.238.) are women
included in the statement "God appearing as man" (has God ever appeared as a
woman?) can a woman ever say she is "lady of all she surveys" or could others ever
say of her she "ladies it over them"?"
--Daphne Marlatt, "musing with mothertongue"

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