Saturday, March 20, 2010


Have i posted the Writers In Electronic Residence podcast by Margaret Christakos yet? It's a fun listen.

i recently came into possession of a Sony eReader (the 6 inch reader touch edition). Much easier to read on than my laptop, and saves me from printing out the dozens of articles i read for school. i like the annotation function--you can take notes, and the notes function as bookmarks. However, it seems weird to me that there's no easy way to jump to a chapter or a particular page number if you haven't marked it already. Additionally, i have to turn the touch-based page turning off when i'm underlining, because the reader cannot distinguish between drawing a line and turning the page. And the highlighting function doesn't work at all; the touch screen seems out of sync with the text, so if you try to highlight a line, you end up with a section highlighted three lines below, or one line above. Useless. But the handwritten notes seem to have better accuracy, so the highlighter isn't really necessary. Still, when something costs $300, it would be nice if it functioned properly in all regards.

The Sony ebook store is useless. i had a $25 gift certificate, which i used, and now i think i'll buy my texts elsewhere. Which is possible because Sony ereaders support multiple formats, including pdf and word docs. It supports jpeg, but image files cannot be resized. Text files have 4 different possible font sizes, and it doesn't renumber the pages when you alter the text size which i like because it keeps citations simple.

Overall, i'm pretty pleased with my ereader. But i expect the functionality will improve drastically with the next few generations of products.

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