Wednesday, April 21, 2010!

Toronto's Influency Salon is now online! Woohoo!

From the website:

Our first three issues will be a kick-start triumvirate, appearing here in quick succession. Today you’re finding Issue 1 on our home page. In early May Issue 2 will appear, followed in late May by Issue 3. These three inaugural issues will set this vivid poetry salon’s commitment firmly at your wrists. Poetry matters. To us, to you, to cities, to air, to culture.

Influency Salon is an online magazine for the reception and distribution of poetry thinking— reading diverse works of poetry, conversing about them, and measuring their ways and means, forms and motives. Via page and ear, our editors listen deeply and care persistently. We figure how the work matters. We expect a conversation about poetry to be public, present, and relevant. We want to gather in the room of poetry, and talk our heads off.

Get over here, will you?