Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spring resolutions

i spent a lot of time in the public library as a kid. We used to go about once a week, usually after church on sundays. When i got a bit older, my mom would let us spend p.a. days at the library, instead of sitting at home. She'd take us to the library on her lunch break, and pick us up when she'd finished work. But i haven't had a public library membership in years. Partially that's because university libraries are better stocked, but it's also due to my increasing penchant for buying books, even books that i will read once and never again. My book habit is one i can't really afford, and the accumulation has become a bit ridiculous. So my goal for the next year is to only buy books i need for school, books by people i see at readings, and books by people i know. Additionally, i will try to buy these books only from independent booksellers. i will not renew my chapters card this year, and i will not get caught in the "i have a coupon so i have to buy something" trap.

It might seem self-indulgent to make this kind of statement on my blog, but it makes me feel a greater sense of accountability because someone from the internet might judge me!

The point is, i suppose, that with online ordering it seems way more convenient to buy books than to support the library system, even if it's not financially prudent. And there are far more chapter's stores around than library branches. But i love libraries, i really do. And i'm going to make a point of doing work at the library rather than at home. For someone as entrenched in her apartment as i am, that will actually be more difficult than it sounds. But now i have committed myself by telling my plans to you, the internet. Wish me luck with this June 13th resolution.


  1. Good luck! I love libraries, and in all my wanderings have never begun to feel at home in a new place until I am in possession of a library card.

  2. Thanks Heidi! i think that public libraries has a very different vibe than university libraries, a little less of the quiet academic desperation. So i'm looking forward to scoping it out!

  3. good luck.

    know what you mean about needing some limit. I'm overrun with stacks. library so rarely has what I want tho...I think you're ahead of me on the resolution curve.