Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Ain't The Rosedale Library in trouble

You can donate to This Ain't the Rosedale Library here.

This Ain't is a independent bookstore in Toronto. A bookstore that supports local writers. A bookstore that has a great selection of Canadian poetry. A family-run bookstore. The Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail both ran articles on the financial difficulties This Ain't is facing. The G&B mentioned the encroachment of Amazon. A fuller account of what happened is available on the This Ain't site. Small bookstores have been closing all across Canada (and the States, too). But the indies are necessary; so much local literature, especially small press lit, isn't carried by the big online bookstores. One of the things we lose, when we lose something like This Ain't, is accessibility. Once the small retailers are pushed out, the big corporations can decide whose literature we can and cannot buy.

So many bookstores have gone under with too little fuss too late. Let's not let that happen here. There's great community support for This Ain't, and owners Charlie & Jesse are accepting donations to help the store overcome it's current debt. There is a facebook group, Friends of This Ain't the Rosedale Library, where ideas on how to help support the bookstore now, and in the future, are being shared. This bookstore has a fighting chance to get back on its feet. Of course, once it's there, drop by and see why Canada's literary community is mobilizing to raise funds for this Toronto staple.

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