Tuesday, November 9, 2010

why blog?

i've been feeling like i don't have a lot to say lately. this is a problem, as i am trying to write a thesis. my internet presence has mostly dwindled down to inanities on facebook and reblogging stuff on tumblr. of course, i've grown up on the internet, so i have to constantly remind myself that no, i don't really need to post about my personal life all the time, and i really don't need to discuss every problem i have (right now, mice. well, the mice i'm okay with, the poison my building's put down to deal with the mice, not so much. it doesn't help that the mouse i keep seeing looks a lot like a particular deceased pet). this blog in particular seems to require some kind of thought or sobriety now that i know people might be reading. at least now that i see that every new post gets a number of pageviews.

every time i start to enjoy something i run into unacceptable racism, sexism, homophobia, ablism...i began to watch stephen fry's qi quiz show and had to stop because of the amount of racism played for laughs. fry gets pissy about grammar discrepancies but slurs about Indigenous Peoples are okay. fuck that. i'll just watch batman: the brave and the bold. and ponyo (over and over and over).

i've been playing fable 3. well, i'm practically done, just missing a few treasure items to reach completion. interesting how when playing the male character the rude garden gnomes hidden throughout the game become much more obviously misogynistic than when playing the female character. did the developers think that feminists will choose the female avatar every time? more POC in the game - i really like Page the revolutionary leader - but still the playable characters are both white. i mean, i get that albion is england, but if this is fantasy could we at least imagine the possibility of customizing the character's appearance? overall the game was a bit of a letdown; the story was predictable and the creepiest part came around the midpoint of the game. Fable 2 was much better, and much more flexible (i liked being able to fail relationship encounters, for instance, because it added more of a challenge. and that the dog that accompanies the hero around needed comforting in 2, but was just there in 3. plus the glitches and lag seem so much worse in 3).

really i'm working on my thesis. and i'm not just saying that in case my supervisor reads my blog. and somehow everyone in my life is getting roped into doing work for the one course i'm taking this semester. really--my partner's involved and i'm sure it's just a matter of time before some task appears that would suit my dog's expertise.

in conclusion, it's morning. ta.