Monday, February 14, 2011

a new blog project

lately, i've been thinking about the novel i developed for the manuscript course i took last year. it was the story of a woman, Sam, who worked as a janitor at a university library while writing a story about Wealhtheow (from Beowulf). Sam also had a twitter and livejournal account - the text straddled the online world. of course, these links have been dormant since last april - if i were to revise the project i'd have to restart the online component. i don't think i'm going to do that again; i've moved on to other projects. i'm wondering if i should just let it sit in towards eventual deletion, or if i should post it in installments here for folks to (hopefully) read.

why not?

well it's a first draft. i've been warned against letting those ugly things called first drafts into the world. what if i'm embarrassed ten years from now? well, i was a teenager on the internet. can anything i put up here now be any more humiliating than the no-one-understands-me poetry that is still out there with my (screen)name on it? i dare you to find it if you can.

well, why then?

maybe someone will read it. that's all, really. maybe someone will read it. it would be awesome if someone read it and cared enough to comment and/or criticize - because that would be really useful for my future work - but really, a reader would be enough for me. because in a workshop course, people have to read your texts. on the internet, if it sucks no one is compelled to follow through.

what i really hope is that looking at work i did last year will kick my butt into getting productive this year, because damn if i'm not discouraged at just how little i've been writing.

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  1. have you seen about Amanda Hocking and e-book route?