Friday, October 7, 2011

Croak by Jenny Sampirisi

A chorus of girls and frogs. Michigan J. and Kermit the. What are all these limbs? How read? How perform? Poetry or? The greenness of pauses. "Ribbit for her pleasure" (laugher) censor bar.

Theatre. Action or operation. Too late for the girls or the frogs who are actually canaries.
Thinking Rita Wong "the girl who ate rice almost every day"--what is IN this stuff? (was the goldfish i flushed dead at the time? why does this question raise that poetry?). chemicals stutter the letters, ras th lttrs add numbrs. for science. dissect the stage. i desperately want to perform this text. i desperately want to pause, to dis-enact it. hop plop stop.

"I hear: Get off already. I hear: shut up." U her: Frogirl (can't think Frogirl without thinking Black girl/natural hair/question: what&how is race in this text? think: what communities are most likely to be harmed by environmental pollution? those with the least power, obviously.)

Mine the connections. Fold the origami ribbiter. Legs and leg goons.

Croak as in. Croak as if to say more. Jump in. The water is.