Saturday, December 17, 2011

easy peasy by kevin mcperhason eckhoff

This puppydog of a book wags its tail when it sees you. Sudoku the pages! Colour the pictures! Word the unwords and unword the words! Even the acknowledgements were stuck in the blender. It'll make you feel old -- time to bring out the magnifying glass, friend. But don't get too comfortable or this book contraption will punch you in the face! Is that line ablist? Can he say that?! Is this miscommunication or communion? Eruptions of something -- not language for sure.

For example, an excerpt from "Reformatting a Harddrive" (p. 17):

Back-up your pidgin and unscramble make above you limerick afford to staffordshire is unamplified the kingdom unprinciples. Move your vermillion and uptick off the xylophone. Verbal your ugly hammer with reviewers, export your glop tiny, then uncle configuration and sandwich anything habitat want please after zigzag. Just make sure expectations that's going inked the plaza. Hussy your current underpants setup.

good times!

easy peasy is a frolicking rollick. write it. puzzle it or unpuzzle it. understand the tortured (okay maybe not tortured, maybe just bored) genius (yes genius. or was that genus? genies? blue jeans?) of kevin mcpherson eckhoff then contribute to their biography at

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