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Article in Corpus

I have a new article published on the Corpus blog about my experience with brain injury, and why I am working to represent that experience through poetry.

Video of Poets in Space Reading, August 23 2019.

Check out this video of my poem Digital Dunedin commissioned for National Poetry Day hosted at the Dunedin Public Library. When Wikipedian at Large Mike Dickison paid a visit to Dunedin, he mentioned how integrated Wikipedia is in our daily lives. I took that sentiment and ran with it, creating a text that looks at how I use digital spaces including Wikipedia, Twitter, Pokemon Go, and Google Maps to navigate my physical surroundings, and that adds a layer to my environment that is both collectively generated and individually consumed. Online spaces are ambiguous and can be fraught with tension as they demand our attention, but they can also be connective and empowering. I hope this piece expresses some of that sentiment. I am so grateful to be in Dunedin studying at the University of Otago. The support of the Department of English and Linguistics, the UNESCO City of Literature Scholarship, and the mentorship of my supervisors Jacob Edmond, Ruth Napper, and Christine Jasoni mean so

Upcoming Reading at Dunedin Public Library

23 August 2019 @ Dunedin Public Library 5:30pm Free, booking required I will be performing a new piece of work about Digital Dunedin, inspired by the recent visit of Wikipedian at Large Mike Dickison. How does our digital landscape interact with the physical world around us and vice versa?