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Ensemble: Foulden Maar

A longpoem response to the mining at Foulden Maar, generated at a workshop led by writers Iona Winter and Kirstie McKinnon and produced by Kate Dawson and Sophie Briggs on behalf of the Mining for Meaning: the Geoethics of Extracted Industries  project. The workshop occured in Middlemarch, Otago in October 2022. More writing and art from the workshop can be found at   Claire Lacey · Ensemble: Foulden Maar — a poem by Claire Lacey, performed with Dane Oates Ensemble: Foulden Maar Dramatis personae: Mined Text  — the reportage The Soil  — as described The Poet  — always puts themselves into the poem The Fossil Beetle  — found at Foulden Maar The Diagram  — found in the New Zealand Listener The Corporate Entity  — our villain The Underfunded Locals  — the chorus     Fossil: Foulden Maar               The diatoms sank to the bottom, forming ‘a thick blanket of fine-grained siliceous ooze that over time built up to become diatomite’